CompArch Mentoring

📢 We are looking for mentors! Checkout participating in CALM.

Computer Architecture Long-term Mentoring (CALM)

The Computer Architecture Long-term Mentoring (CALM) committee within CASA is starting a global initiative to pair mentors with mentees in the greater computer architecture community for long-term mentoring relationships (e.g., 1 year).


CALM has two main mentoring tracks:

Research Track: The research track is designed to match mentees without academic advisors with members of the community to discuss technical topics and provide a window into research in computer architecture.

Development Track: The development track is intended for discussions that center on career or personal development, ranging from job hunting to advice on navigating the research community as a member of an underrepresented group.

For more details about CALM, see our FAQ page.


We are currently running a pilot program that lasts 6 months. Starting from this summer, we will launch our year-long program. Announcements will be available at CASA’s Twitter and Slack channels.

Mentor sign up: Google form
Mentee sign up: Google form


Special thanks to Talia Ringer and the folks at SIGPLAN-M for sharing their experience establishing a long-term mentoring program.